Aerobic Dancing with Bobbie Davis
Aerobic dancing with Bobbie Davis takes place in MP1 and MP2 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30am - 9:30am.
Sessions follow the Jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dancing program – the nation's first aerobic dancing program, which was created 50 years ago. This is an exercise class designed especially for non-dancers. Everyone works at their own level so it is a class for all ages as well.  
Each class begins with a warm-up dance and some floorwork, including sit-ups. This is followed by the vertifirm music which is done with small hand weights working on triceps, biceps, delts, lats, glutes, hams, quads and more. The last half hour is all cardio dance. Everything is cued so nothing has to be memorized.
Some students work at a running level, others a jogging level, and some may walk through routines. We monitor heart rates after each dance and finish off with a cool down dance and stretches. Music ranges from Rock'n'Roll to country or hip hop to Broadway musicals.  
Each 12 week session begins with new music and new dances. The class welcomes all ages. At the present, our class age ranges from 50-90. Some students have been dancing for years and others are new. There is always plenty of talking and laughing.   
Class fees can be paid various ways:  By the whole session, by tickets (6 classes at a time), or by the class. Come try a free class and meet some new friends.
Instructor:  Bobbie Davis
Phone: 858-485-0132