Covid Reopening
The Club is committed to providing a safe environment for our members to exercise while maintaining compliance with government guidelines.  The following links are provided for your info.
For City of San Diego COVID-19 info click here.  This site has provides a lot of useful and updated information.  Additionally, there are links to other helpful ideas.
For County of San Diego COVID-19 info click here.
For State of California COVID-19 info click here.
Current Club status and relevant rules and guidelines are listed below.  Things change quickly and often, so please feel free to contact the Club directly if you need any clarification.  Also, please feel free to stop by the Club any day to check out the changes in layout and reservation system.   We are happy to help you.   We all need lots of patience and grace at this time as we try to navigate the "new normal" of these challenging times.  We are trying hard to balance needs for safety and desires to get back to normal life.  
*    Reservations required for all areas including Gym and Pools.   Register on the Club website and use the Reservations tab.  Call the Club Office (858)798-4064 between the hours of 7 AM and 10 PM  for assistance.
*    One Guest per member is allowed for only Tennis, Pickleball, and Table Tennis.  
*    Hours of operation are 6 AM to 10 PM until further notice.
*    Signed "Statement of Social Responsibility and Acceptance of Risk" required before entering.
*    Snack bar is closed.
*    Please bring your own water bottles to the club as the drinking fountains are closed.  Hands free water refill stations are available.
*    Bathrooms are open, but only outdoor showers are available.
                                               CLEANING POLICY
Rancho Bernardo Swim and Tennis Club values our members' health and well-being. We take cleaning and disinfecting with great pride.  
For our full details on what we are doing to stay safe and healthy, please click here.
                                                 GUEST POLICY
All activities are limited to Members Only until further notice.
For a copy of San Diego County's safe reopening plan for RBSTC, click here
PHASE 1   -  Phase 1 reopening is scheduled for May 13 and includes Tennis, Pickleball, and Basketball.   Reservations for court time may be made by clicking on the Reservations tab on the Home page.   Detailed guidelines for each of these activities may be obtained by clicking on the link below.
* For Tennis click here
* For Pickleball click here
* For Basketball click here
* For Racquetball  -  limited to one household
* For Table tennis -  limited to singles only or limited to one household; one guest allowed
* For Woodshop click here
* For Ceramics - limited to one household
PHASE 3 - Phase 3 reopening is scheduled to begin on June 15.  Included in this phase are Swimming, and Gym.  Detailed guidelines for each of these activities may be obtained by clicking on the links below.  
*For Lap Swimming click here
*For Family and Open Swim click here
*For General Pool information click here
*For Gym rules click here
*For Gym information click here