Pool Information
Reservations for lanes can be made for 1 hour, but swimming time is limited to 50 minutes in order to allow time for staff to clean the pool deck and tables.  For assistance regarding reservations call (858)-798-4064.  Please arrive a few minutes early to your reservation to check in, and wait in the designated waiting area until your reservation time.
Please bring your own water bottles. The drinking fountains are closed, but the touch-free bottle filling stations outside of the gym and on the pool deck will be available.
Please note that a reservation is required to swim, with the exception of the Club 21 pool during open swimming hours. 
Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time!
The pool schedule will be as follows:
Main Pool:
6 AM - 11 AM:    Lap Swim
6 AM - 9 PM
11 AM - 9 PM:   Family Swim
Club 21:
7 AM - 11am:   Lap Swim
11am - 9 PM:  Open Swim
7 AM - 11am:  Lap Swim
11am - 9 PM:  Open Swim
General Information
The lanes 1 through 6 on the main pool reservation page are numbered starting from 1 at the stairs to 6 closest to the Jacuzzi.
To encourage social distancing in the pool, lap swimmers in lanes 1, 3, and 5 are asked to only rest in the shallow end of the pool and lap swimmers in lanes 2, 4, and 6 are asked to rest only in the deep end of the pool.
During lap swim, lanes will only be available to swim laps. During family and open swim, members can use their reserved lane for either leisure swimming or lap swimming.
The pool is split into 3 sections during family swim that are laid out as shown below, however, the center lane line in lane 3 below is still in, and open for reservation for lap swim.
During the hours of open swimming in Club 21 no reservation is required, but the number of people allowed in the pool at one time will be limited to 6. 
Guidelines for pool use during lap swimming can be found here. Guidelines for pool use during family and open swimming can be found here.
The hot tubs are closed as well as the sauna until further notice. Drinking fountains are also closed; however, the touch-free bottle filling stations will be available to refill personal bottles.